How to Optimise Your Washroom Design to Promote Health and Wellbeing

30/04/2020   ●    5 minute read

Washroom design can make long-lasting impressions upon customers and staff. When the washroom is clean, hygienic and fresh-smelling, it provides comfort and wellbeing for everyone which ultimately leads to higher morale, productivity and worker satisfaction. 

Unsurprisingly, many workers spend a long time in the washroom, whether it be to clean-up or use the various amenities. That’s why it’s incredibly important that businesses optimise their washroom facilities and provide the best technology for cleanliness, sanitation and health in their workplace. 

So how do businesses create an amazing washroom design to promote health and wellbeing for their employees? They can implement the following: 

Hand Hygiene Facilities

Hand hygiene facilities are an essential way of preventing the spread of illness in washrooms. 

Hand hygiene is important to eliminate harmful bacteria and germs among workers, especially within the food processing and hospitality industry. Hand hygiene doesn’t only involve washing hands using the proper equipment, but also drying them. Here are some hand hygiene facilities for your washroom:

  • Hand Soap Dispensers can be manual or automatic. They are mounted on walls and can be refilled with a wide variety of liquid, foam and spray options, along with antibacterial soaps and hypoallergenic options.
  • Instant Hand Sanitisers can either be wall-mounted or stand-alone facilities which can be easily replaced when needed. Whether businesses choose to pick manual or automatic dispensers, these hand sanitisers deliver a metered dose of high-quality disinfecting solution which kills 99% of germs and leaves hands feeling soft and supple.
  • Paper Towel Dispensers provide a pleasant hand-drying experience through soft, absorbent and unscented towel options. Paper towels are an ideal combo for any washroom – hygienic, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. They are also highly versatile for different functions such as hand-drying, mopping spills or cleaning.
  • Hand Dryers are equipped with a powerful motor that leaves workers’ hands dry within 10 seconds. There is a no-touch, infrared motion sensor option which prevents germs from spreading through touching contaminated surfaces. Businesses are offered a wide range of antibacterial and fragrance booster cartridges.

Washroom Sanitisers 

Good washroom design involves eradicating nasty germs and bacteria that can’t be seen. These microbes and bacteria are a huge threat to the overall health and safety of workers. To mitigate this risk, washroom sanitisers are a fantastic investment for any business seeking to optimise its washroom and protect its employees. 

Here are some washroom sanitisers to keep your business sparkling clean and fresh: 

  • Seat Sanitisers are very important for the washroom because they see the most traffic. This means a quicker and more concentrated build-up of harmful germs and bacteria. Seat sanitisers can ensure that toilet seats are clean and spotless. These sleek, wall-mounted dispensers have antimicrobial buttons and contain fast-drying liquid that effectively removes germs before and after use.
  • WC or Urinal Digital Sanitisers are controlled for maximum efficiency in your washroom design. Whenever a toilet or urinal flushes, there are harmful bacteria being released into the air. With these affordable digital sanitisers, the washroom can become significantly cleaner and more sanitised for a pleasant experience in the long-term. Bacteria and germs are eradicated 24/7, while uric acid build-up is prevented.

Feminine Hygiene Utilities 

To create a hygienic and all-inclusive washroom design, businesses should implement feminine hygiene utilities for female employees. Discreet sanitary bins should have a lift-flap mechanism which minimises contact and improves hygiene. Snugly fitting into the tiniest cubicle, these bins have an extra antibacterial liner which kills 99.99% of germs. Feminine hygiene also includes installing nappy disposal units. Fresh & Clean offers various feminine hygiene products for optimal washroom design: 

  • Premium Feminine Hygiene Units have a distinct, stylistic design which combines a modern silhouette with a sleek surface – a perfect addition to any washroom. Designed by women for women, the feminine hygiene units feature a dark platinum lid and simple Premium branding on a pristine white body. They are the most hygienic and environmentally-friendly way to keep your washroom looking fresh and super clean. 
  • Nappy disposal Units are another great option for businesses seeking to optimise their washroom by catering to the needs of female employees with children. At the time of service, the entire bin is replaced which minimises the chance of bacterial transfer. 

Odour Control & Ambient Scenting 

A clean, fresh-smelling washroom is ideal for any business. To complement your business’s washroom design, automatic wall-mounted air fresheners should be installed for odour control. These machines are programmed to dispense a measured dose of fragrance at selected intervals, providing a streamlined and long-lasting service for your washroom needs. They are also environmentally friendly and use natural oils, while containing no CFCs. Here are some other odour control supplies you should consider:

  • Oxy-Gen Air Fresheners are a revolutionary addition to the washroom. They are the world’s first oxygen based dispenser – no other air freshener uses oxygen based delivery for its pure natural oil based aromas. 

This groundbreaking invention can help office washrooms to reduce their carbon footprint, while eliminating malodours and maximising air circulation. When released into the air, the fragrance molecules diffuse around the room and push out malodours completely.

  • Ambient Scenting is an amazing Fresh & Clean product to use in the washroom. By placing scent diffusers in the washroom and other work spaces, customers can be happier and more loyal to the business due to the subtly aromatic environment. Since smell is closely linked with pleasure and uplifting emotions, ambient scenting guarantees that the washroom can be fully optimised to give customers the best possible experience. 

Hygiene Posters 

Great washroom design is not simply limited to advanced cleaning and sanitation facilities. Businesses can also use eye-catching hygiene posters to reinforce proper healthy procedures in the washroom and beyond. These are essential to raising awareness about good hygiene practices and prevent illnesses from spreading around the workplace.

There are a diverse range of hygiene posters which can be implemented strategically around the washroom, such as on cubicle doors and near bathroom entrance/exit points or hand-drying facilities. These posters can be customised to suit every business’s preferences. Here are some different types of hygiene posters below! 

  • General Hygiene Posters reinforce appropriate hand hygiene and sanitation, harmful bacteria and germ prevention and proper waste disposal methods.
  • We Care About Your Cleanliness and Health Posters remind workers that their safety, health and wellbeing is prioritised. Fresh & Clean’s managed washroom program is designed to maintain the highest standards in cleanliness and health.
  • Workplace Hygiene Etiquette Posters provide factual information for employees to practise good hygiene at work. This includes reminders to cover coughs, office pantry expectations and germ prevention strategies.
  • Sharps Disposal Posters give important reminders about the safe ways to dispose of sharp objects (needles, syringes, lancets, auto-injectors, infusion sets, etc.) since they pose a huge risk of transferring various medical conditions. 
  • Feminine Hygiene Posters are crucial in reminding women of their duty to dispose of feminine sanitary waste in more environmentally friendly ways, especially if these items are non-biodegradable. This is also relevant for Sanitary Bins posters.
  • Children Washroom Posters help kids to fight germs and stay healthy by educating them about the importance of proper hygiene. This includes hand-washing habits, maintaining cleanliness, flushing the toilet and drinking water.

Clinical Waste Disposal 

There is nothing more hazardous in the washroom than sharp objects. Sharps can include needles, broken glass, razors, scalpel blades or broken plastic pipettes. Not only can these objects cause injuries such as cuts and puncture wounds, they can also lead to contamination through transfer of body fluids, blood, toxins, or hazardous chemicals. That’s why clinical waste disposal units are incredibly essential for your washroom design. 

Fresh & Clean has created sharps containers and clinical disposal bins for washrooms, complying with EPA regulations. As part of a tailored program to suit every business’s needs, these are all applicable for public areas and workplaces – a great solution for disposing of dangerous waste safety and responsibility. 

Here are the clinical waste disposal facilities to optimise your washroom:

  • Sharp Waste Bins are lockable steel containers which are designed for user safety and environmentally-friendly disposal in accordance with EPA regulations. Suitable for syringe and needle disposal. 
  • Clinical Waste Disposal Units are specialist disposal facilities for eliminating toxic waste, whether human or animal. These clinical waste sources can be found in all sorts of medical industries, such as laboratories, veterinary clinics, medical centres, dental practices or schools. They comply with local and federal legislation, providing a safe and hygienic washroom for your business. 

Creating an effective washroom design can be difficult and stressful. Luckily, Fresh & Clean’s Managed Rental Service can save your business precious time and money. 

We provide convenient and affordable washroom services that are uniquely tailored for your business – all your washroom products are constantly maintained and replenished in accordance with a tailored schedule. Never has cleanliness and hygiene been more hassle-free. Call us now for a quick quote!

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