Hand Hygiene

We will take care of your hand care

Stopping the spread of illness in the workplace through proper hand hygiene doesn’t just stop at the washrooms. Wherever there’s a need to wash your hands such as professional kitchens in restaurants, general office kitchens, and entry and exit points in a warehouse or workshop, Fresh & Clean can offer an individual hand care program to suit.

From wall mounted soap dispenser units, hand drying solutions to surface sanitisers for areas like boardroom tables and reception desks,
Fresh & Clean can handle it all for you.

Need a hand sanitiser dispenser? Or a hand soap dispenser?
Maybe an automatic soap dispenser? The Fresh & Clean service
with supplies and refills is convenient,hassle-free and
cost-effective for your workplace.

Hand Soap Dispensers

The stylish yet functional hand soap dispensers from Fresh & Clean are a part of our contemporary range of washroom products, in a choice of either manual or automatic. Refills are available in a wide variety of liquid, foam and spray options with anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic varieties available too.

  • Manual or automatic wall mounted dispensers
  • Choice of anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic soaps
  • Choice of liquid, foam or spray soap

Instant Hand Sanitisers

Smart hand sanitising dispensers are available in manual and automatic options. These can be either wall mounted or stand-alone and can be easily placed anywhere where required. A metered dose of our superior quality disinfecting solution, with an added moisturiser, is delivered each time. The sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs leaving your hands clean and soft.
  • Wall mounted or stand alone units
  • Manual or automatic dispensers to suit your needs
  • Waterless, environmentally-safe and gentle on hands
  • Delivers metered dose with safe automated spray

Hand Drying - Paper Towel Dispenser

Soft, absorbent, unscented towel options for a quick, pleasant and safe on sensitive skin hand drying experience. Paper towels are often considered a hygienic and cost effective hand drying system. Select from interleaf or roll-towel options.

Ideal for washrooms, kitchens and offices for drying hands, mopping spills or cleaning. These quality paper towels are great for high traffic environments in industrial and office areas.

  • Suitable for industrial workplaces
  • Range of interleaf, roll-towel and hands-free options available
  • Hands-free dispenser reduces the spread of bacteria
  • Choice of environmentally-friendly paper options

Hand Drying - Air

The Fresh & Clean High Speed Mini Hand Dryer is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and other public places. Energy saving with 95% savings versus paper towel consumption.
  • Durable, touch-free, eco-friendly, sleek and modern looking
  • Hot and Cool wind option
  • Automatic cut-off after 60 seconds for heat protection
  • Dries your hands in 10-15 seconds
  • Durable, high impact, fireproof ABS plastic housing
Fresh & Clean Managed Rental Service

Simply buying some air fresheners or soap dispensers is not enough. Your washroom needs to be constantly maintained, which is why replenishing and servicing your washroom products are core aspects of our fully managed service.

We refill and sanitise your washroom products, exchange any damaged ones, and keep the cycle going in accordance with an agreed timetable so your business standards never fall.

This way, your customers and employees will always be sure to work in a clean environment, while you enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing everything is being taken care of.

  • Hassle-Free and Flexible Want to change your order? Sure! Just order with our staff.
  • Agreed Delivery Schedules Delivered on time, when needed. Adjust for peak seasons.
  • Tax Deductible Take advantage of the savings.
  • Cleaned, Sanitised, Repaired Maintain a consistently professional image all year round.
  • No Capital Outlay Required Reduce the burden on your cash flow by renting instead of buying.