A Healthy and Inclusive Workplace: Feminine Hygiene Tips

15/10/2020   ●    3 minute read

Feminine hygiene is one of the most overlooked topics when it comes to creating a healthy and inclusive workplace. Yet this problem has become even more important when you consider that women make up 47.1% of employed persons in Australia, according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. This statistic is only set to grow higher and higher in the foreseeable future.

With the increasing number of women participating in the workforce, it is crucial that we develop more workspaces which value inclusivity and promote sensitivity towards women’s issues. However, the truth is that many workplaces, especially male-dominated ones, often have washroom facilities that are not designed to promote comfort and wellbeing for female hygiene needs. To combat this, here are several tips for creating a healthy and inclusive workplace! 


    Hygiene Posters 

    Your business could have all the best washroom facilities and technology, yet what’s the point if you keep seeing a cluttered pile of sanitary waste strewn all over the floor? 

    The issue of sanitary waste is even more important when it comes to feminine hygiene products and properly disposing of them. In fact, many of these tampons or menstrual pads (and more) contain some level of plastic in their design, according to National Geographic. If you consider that the average woman will menstruate for about 40 years throughout their entire life, that would equate to an enormous amount of waste ending up in the landfill!

    Large amounts of waste exist across all industries because many people prefer ease and convenience over eco-friendly alternatives. Since some of this waste may not be biodegradable, it is important to actively dispose of feminine sanitary waste in a sustainable manner.                 

    As a responsible employer or staff member, you can help promote these crucial hygiene tips to your female colleagues by placing these Fresh & Clean Feminine Hygiene Disposal Posters around your business’s washroom facilities – feel free to download anytime! These posters will gently remind your co-workers to safely dispose of their sanitary waste, creating a hygienic work environment for all women in the business. 

    Sanitary Units 


    Male-dominated occupations do not have washroom facilities that cater to the unique needs of female employees. Sanitary bins are often not provided, especially ones which are regularly emptied or serviced. This can create additional discomfort for the female worker, who already may be feeling discouraged from working in patriarchal work cultures. 

    To build a more healthy and inclusive work environment, employers should install essential feminine hygiene units in their washrooms. This will allow female staff or customers to access a discreet and hygienic place to dispose of their feminine hygiene waste, including pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. This should be highly prioritised in any company, since many females are employed across all sorts of organisations, in both Australia and worldwide. 

    Luckily, Fresh & Clean offers new Premium Feminine Hygiene Units designed for women, by women. This stylish and sleek design features an easy-to-use platinum lid and smart simple Premium branding on its polished white surface. Coupled with this new launch, we are introducing the new ICS (in-cubicle servicing) program so that your employees themselves won’t have to carry sanitary bins through your business. 

    You also won’t have to be concerned about any potential bumps or scratches in your washrooms. With this eco-friendly feminine hygiene must-have, you’ll be truly making a pleasant difference to the comfort and wellbeing of your female workers and clients. 


    Nappy Units 

    In addition to sanitary units, it is also important for employers to install nappy disposal bins in their washrooms. Many workplaces are often oblivious to the hygiene essentials for employees or visiting customers who also happen to be mothers. There’s nothing more frustrating and inconvenient when a child leaves a huge mess in their diapers, so many of these women would highly appreciate the installation of nappy bins in a company bathroom.

    Fresh & clean provides Nappy Units within our hygienic nappy disposal service. Having an efficient and high-quality disposal mechanism, your female workers and customers can minimise bacteria and germ transfer when changing the soiled nappies of their little ones. At the time of the service, the entire bin is removed and replaced for further hygiene precautions. 

    Fresh & Clean Managed Rental Service is designed to save you time and money, while ensuring that your workplace becomes healthy and inclusive for everyone, including female staff and customers. With our managed services, your washroom will be the perfect place to start building a hygienic work environment that values women’s comfort and wellbeing above all else.

     If you need your business’s feminine hygiene units to be constantly maintained and replenished in accordance with a tailored timetable, then don’t hesitate to contact us here. Just sit back and enjoy the peace-of-mind which comes with knowing that everything is being taken care of. 

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