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Why Regular Cleaning is Important In the Workplace

16/11/2020   ●    3 minute read

With the pervasive spread of COVID-19, regular cleaning and sanitation in the workplace has never been more crucial. In fact, SafeWork Australia recommends that businesses clean their workplace surfaces at least daily, and that they should disinfect regularly. 

A clean workplace holds enormous influences for other aspects of your business. This includes improving staff wellbeing and productivity, building a strong company image, and promoting a safety-oriented work culture. While regularly cleaning your workplace may not sound like the most exciting thing to do, it’s one of the most important yet overlooked factors of improving your business’s long-term success. In saying that, let’s dive into the different reasons and benefits of regularly cleaning in the workplace below!

Eliminate Harmful Germs & Bacteria 

Regular cleaning means that you can effectively eliminate nasty germs and harmful bacteria from your workplace. According to healthcare web publisher WebMD, more than 10 million bacteria thrive on a typical office desk – alarmingly, this is 400 times more bacteria found on a typical toilet seat! When you put it into perspective, typing a simple email or making a phone call can put you at serious risk for contracting illnesses. 

To properly eliminate these hazards, regularly cleaning and disinfecting your workplace should be a priority. SafeWork Australia advises to wear disposable gloves when cleaning, using both detergent and water to wipe from the dirtiest to the cleanest surfaces. You can then use a disinfectant to kill lingering germs and bacteria. When cleaning your workplace, you should give special attention to frequently touched surfaces and objects, such as desktops, computer monitors, keyboards and mouses, printers, fax machines and phones. 

Improved Staff Wellbeing & Productivity 

For many employees, spending countless hours in the office can hinder their wellbeing and productivity. This problem is worsened if their workplace areas are messy and cluttered, with dirty germ-ridden surfaces throughout. That’s why regularly cleaning your workplace can be a good starting point for alleviating workplace stress and fatigue, helping to boost your staff’s satisfaction, morale and productivity in the long run. 

Regularly cleaning your workplace can greatly improve your staff’s wellbeing and productivity in many different ways. For one, your business can minimise sick days and absenteeism, ensuring that your workers’ comfort, health and safety are prioritised while keeping them prepared for work. Also, workplace cleanliness means that your staff are more focused and concentrated on their job, improving productivity while energising them for the daily tasks ahead.  

Strengthen Your Business’s Reputation 

For all businesses, having a positive and trustworthy reputation matters. When customers and visitors enter your workplace, the last thing you’d want is a dirty and unsanitary workplace with numerous clutter. The truth is that your workplace atmosphere and overall setting plays a major role in attracting clients. Having a messy office can deter you from closing that sale or gaining a new business partner, while simultaneously tarnishing your brand.

In the aftermath of COVID-19, a good business image particularly rests on its cleanliness and hygiene policies, encouraging customers to feel safe and protected. Being transparent about regularly cleaning your workplace leaves a great first impression on your customers, setting the stage for building better relationships. From the moment that visitors step into your business premises, a tidy and sanitised work environment already implies superior quality products, good management and efficient services. 

Fresh & Clean – A Better Way to Manage Workplace Hygiene 

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