5 Crucial Signs that Your Washroom needs to Be Refurbished

01/02/2021   ●    4 minute read

Many businesses overlook the importance of optimising their washroom facilities. From dilapidated toilet cubicles, broken locks or leaking taps, there are many signs which indicate that your washroom needs to be refurbished. 

By refurbishing your washroom, you’ll ensure that your business has high-quality washroom sanitation units, which will undoubtedly leave your employees feeling satisfied and your customers being impressed. Not only that, you’ll be promoting a positive work environment that values health, cleanliness and wellbeing. In saying that, let’s take a look at 5 crucial signs which point to your washroom needing refurbishment! 

  • Broken Washroom Fixtures & Panels 

A telltale sign that your washroom needs to be refurbished is when you see broken fixtures and fittings. This includes clogged toilets, cubicles with broken locks and hinges, which is a frustrating experience for many users since they cannot properly close or lock a door. Additionally, toilet pans, sinks, wash basins and taps can become discoloured (due to leaks) and reveal the aging deterioration of the washroom. They can also be very susceptible to wear-and-tear, especially through cracks or paint peeling. 

Another obvious sign is when the washroom panels (used to hide pipes and plumbing around urinals and sinks) are becoming delaminated. Some forms of chipboard panelling can gradually rot when regularly exposed to water over time, causing the laminated panel coatings to erode around the edges. This will negatively impact the appearance of your washroom facilities, creating disapproval among both your employees and customers alike. The last thing your business needs is a reputation of bad hygiene. 

  • Poorly Designed & Outdated Washroom Layout

When your staff, clients and visitors come to your business workplace, you want to make sure that everything looks clean, professional and modern. The washroom is no exception, yet many businesses often overlook the importance of making sure that this area remains sparking clean and updated. Unfortunately, many organisations have poorly designed bathrooms – this could involve extremely cramped spaces, poor storage capacity, bad functionality in terms of accessing facilities, and more. 

Other crucial indicators to look out for includes worn decor, unfashionable style, or outdated colour schemes. For example, pastel colours (light pink, blue, or green) and speckled design patterns from the 1980s have slowly phased out of style – instead, many business washrooms are incorporating darker wood grain patterns and sleek textures to evoke a more luxurious atmosphere and modern silhouette. In a nutshell, if your business washroom interior design has become unappealing, then this is a sign that you need to modernise, upgrade and refurbish your washroom.

  • Water Leaks & Bad Plumbing Concerns 

Washroom leaks are definitely a significant problem which could indicate that it’s time to upgrade and refurbish. Whether it’s your basin, sink, toilet, urinal or shower, leaks can be incredibly dangerous to the entire washroom facility in your business. Some examples of this threat include when water leaks and pools around electrical outlets, or soaks into your drywall, plaster, tiles, linoleum and onto the floor itself. Other subtle signs of leaking include unusually damp areas, soft or bubbling plaster, and cracked tiles.

Floor damage from water leaking can also arise if you don’t manage this hazard in advance. Your floor boards can start lifting, or become stained and discoloured. This could mean an extensive and costly repair process, including ripping up floors and even walls. On the other hand, it does present a good opportunity to completely refurbish your washroom so that these hazards are minimised in the future.  

  • Hazardous Mould & Fungi Growth 

Washrooms can have high levels of humidity, generating lots of moisture that can cause a rapid development of bacteria and fungi, and in turn, mould and moss. If not properly treated, your employees and customers can possibly contract nasty infections or diseases, so make sure that your washroom is fully optimised and updated. Signs of mould and fungi build-up include a musty odour, discolouration along the edges of the bath or shower and within the grouts adjoining the washroom tiles, dark spots on the ceiling. Over time, this will spread across your bathroom walls and ceiling, or even other places that you cannot easily detect. 

  • Deteriorating Washroom Sanitary Facilities 

There’s nothing more frustrating than having broken washroom sanitary facilities. These facilities are absolutely essential for the overall hygiene and cleanliness of your washroom, leaving both staff and customers feeling pleasantly refreshed. Unfortunately, many businesses can often neglect the importance of maintaining their washroom sanitary units, leaving the enormous risk of bacterial contamination, infections and diseases to begin festering. 

With the dangerous spread of COVID-19, many businesses should be actively enforcing precautionary measures to combat the virus. This means properly managing and replenishing Hand Hygiene washroom units promptly, such as hand soap dispensers, instant hand sanitisers, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers. Other washroom facilities include Washroom Sanitisers (such as toilet seat and urinal sanitisers), Feminine Hygiene amenities, and Odour Control units (automatic wall mounted air fresheners).

More importantly, many businesses do not frequently look after their sharp waste bins or clinical disposal units, potentially causing severe injury and contamination to users. If any of these sanitation facilities are clearly damaged or not consistently restocked, then your business should consider outsourcing all your washroom management to a Managed Rental Service

Why use a Managed Rental Service? 

Fresh & Clean’s rental program allows you to effectively focus on refurbishing your washroom and completely optimise all its sanitation units. Rather than constantly worrying about replenishing and servicing your washroom products, you can save enormous amounts of time and resources dedicating this energy to your washroom renovation. 

We refill and sanitise your washroom products, exchange any damaged ones, all while sticking to an agreed timetable so your business standards remain top-notch. With our reliable and timely assistance, you can enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that everything is being taken care of. 

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