How Washroom Sanitisers can improve your workers health

27/11/2020   ●    3 minute read

In any business environment, your worker’s health and wellbeing should always be prioritised. 

Washroom sanitisers are a great investment for many businesses since they can drastically improve your employee’s health, which can then have broader rippling impacts on their overall satisfaction and work performance. There’s nothing more disheartening than seeing visible stains and nasty grime on your porcelain toilet bowls, or having no proper hand dispensers! 

By installing washroom sanitisers in your business’s washroom, you are also promoting cleanliness and sanitation across the organisation – this is absolutely essential, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In saying this, let’s dive into how washroom sanitisers can actually improve your workers’ health! 

Eradicate Nasty Germs & Bacteria 

There’s more to washroom hygiene and cleanliness than simply cleaning visible dirt and grime. In most cases, the most dangerous grime are invisible to the naked eye. Microbes, germs and bacteria are a constant threat to your workers’ health, along with visitors and clients in your workplace. That’s why it’s important to install the necessary washroom equipment to mitigate these risks. 

One of the dirtiest areas of your washroom is obviously the toilet and cubicle facilities. Your toilets are the most personal aspect of your staff’s washroom experience. They also include the most traffic, meaning more grime alongside harmful germs and bacteria – all growing exponentially in a few hours. This deadly bacteria can lead to infections and diseases such as E.Coli and Staphylococcus aureus (staph). 

By using Fresh and Clean’s Seat Sanitisers, you can easily make sure your toilet seats are left spotless and sparkling. The fast-drying liquid instantly eradicates germs before and after use, while the antimicrobial buttons ensure your workers’ health is maintained. These sleek, discrete and wall-mounted dispensers will undoubtedly contribute to the optimal hygienic washroom environment, leaving your workers happy and healthy. 

Removes Horrible Odour Nuisances 

When not managed properly and cleaned frequently, grime and bacteria can cause terrible odours floating around in your business’s washrooms. One of the worst odours includes urine odours from urinals, which typically originate from two sources: the urine that misses the urinal and splatters on the surrounding washroom area (e.g. floor tiles, wall, grout, surrounding porcelain or stainless steel bowl), along with the uric-acid build-up in the bowl. 

Even worse, when a toilet or urinal flushes, these harmful bacteria can become airborne – posing a serious threat to anybody using your washrooms, especially your employees who are constantly exposed to this risk. These terrible urine odours can truly worsen your worker’s health and wellbeing, leading to a poorer quality of life across the workplace. This will inevitably impact their productivity over time, which is the last thing you’d want for your business. 

Fresh and Clean’s WC/Urinal Digital Sanitisers are digitally controlled for maximum efficiency, ensuring that the germ-ridden areas of your business’s washroom are properly cleaned, sanitised and fresh-smelling for the most pleasant experience. The digitally released sanitiser eradicates germs and bacteria 24/7, while preventing the nasty odours arising from uric-acid build up. With Alsco’s washroom sanitisers, you can provide the best line of defence for your workers’ health!

Promotes Better Hygiene Practices 

With the widespread emergence of COVID-19, maintaining proper hygiene practices has become the forefront of many businesses across the globe. Notably, the coronavirus is transmitted through close contact with an infectious person – this includes respiratory droplets from the infected person’s cough and sneeze, along with touching affected objects or services (like doorknobs and printers) and touching your own face.

Due to the risks associated with COVID-19 along with other bacterial infections, it’s incredibly crucial for businesses to promote effective hygiene practices across their workplace. This starts by using washroom hand sanitisers to eliminate the risks of cross contamination and infection, especially when your workers are constantly exposed to dirty surfaces and objects, while being in close proximity with colleagues and customers alike. 

Fresh and Clean’s Instant Hand Sanitisers are smart dispensers that automatically deliver a metered dose of superior-quality disinfecting solution, with an added moisturiser. This sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, while leaving your workers’ and customers’ hands feeling soft and clean. Meanwhile, Fresh and Clean also offers Hand Soap Dispensers which have refills that come in a variety of liquid, foam and spray options, including those with antibacterial and hypoallergenic varieties. 

Optimise Your Business’s Washrooms! 

Your washroom needs to be constantly maintained to ensure that your workers’ health and wellbeing is always maintained. That’s why replenishing and servicing your washroom products are core aspects of Fresh and Clean’s Managed Rental Service.

We refill and sanitise your washroom products, exchange any damaged ones, and keep the cycle going in accordance with an agreed timetable so your business standards never fall.

This way, your customers and employees will always be sure to work in a clean environment, while you enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing everything is being taken care of.

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