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Delightfully fresh and Sparkling Clean Workplace: We can make it happen

Alsco’s Fresh & Clean service is the essential solution to keeping your workplace fresh, hygienic and healthy for less.

With over 50 years serving Australia, Alsco’s Fresh & Clean is our newest, most exciting service. The cleanliness of your workplace says a great deal about your business. That’s why Fresh & Clean is more than just a hygiene service. It’s a complete solution to making your spaces places of health, cleanliness and happiness.

With Fresh & Clean, let the cleanliness of your workplace say the best about your business.

Convenient IconConvenient
Keeping your workplace clean, fresh and hygienic has never been easier. With Alsco’s managed rental service, you pay a single monthly fee. That’s it. Our experts will then install and regularly maintain all health and hygiene units – at no added cost. From soap dispensers to sanitary bins, you’ll never have to worry about the cleanliness of your workplace again.

Hygiene IconHygienic
Alsco provide you with a complete solution to a safe, hygienic workplace. From regular services such as our wall-mounted sanitising to monthly deep cleans, we remove even the most difficult of germs and grime. And hygiene doesn’t stop at the washroom. We implement a comprehensive, workplace-wide solution to keep your spaces hygienic and your customers and staff safe and happy.

Affordable IconAffordable
The Fresh & Clean managed rental service cares for your workplace and your wallet. From $1 a day, you benefit from a full system of hygiene services and units – all maintained, refilled and replacedat no extra cost. Because you deserve to have a fresh, happy, hygienic workplace for less.


What Do We Offer?

  • Managed Washroom Service

    Managed Washroom Service

    A clean, hygienic washroom is vital to keeping your staff and customers healthy and happy. Fresh & Clean’s managed washroom service makes washroom maintenance effortless. Constantly worried about refilling soap dispensers? Overflowing sanitary bins? Relax – we’ll take care of every little detail. Learn more

  • Odour Control

    Odour Control

    Smell is a subtle yet important element of your workplace. It can have a huge impact on both your employee’s happiness, and the overall impression your business makes. From your washrooms to your reception, our odour control service is designed to keep your spaces scented and fresh – effortlessly. Learn more

  • Sanitary Hygiene

    Sanitary Hygiene

    Businesses have neglected the hygiene needs of women across Australia for years. Designed by women for women, our sanitary service is the solution. 100% germ and odour-free, we provide serviced feminine hygiene and nappy bins that make everyone’s washroom experience as it should be – clean, simple, and effortless. Learn more

  • Hand Hygiene

    Hand Hygiene

    Hands are a huge part of diseases spreading in workplaces. That’s why Fresh & Clean provide a regular, thorough hand hygiene service – designed to keep your workplace healthy, clean and safe. No matter your business, we’ll design a comprehensive hand hygiene solution to meet your unique needs. Learn more

  • Clinical Waste Service

    Clinical Service

    Sharp objects and hazardous waste are a risk to everyone within your workplace. That’s why disposing of them quickly and safely is vital. Fresh & Clean’s clinical service does precisely that. In accordance with EPA regulations, we provide and maintain disposal units to keep your business safe and secure. Learn more

  • First Aid

    First Aid

    The safety of your staff is your highest priority. Fresh & Clean’s managed first aid service is carefully designed to keep your business safe, happy, and WH&Scompliant. From managed first aid kits to training, we help you keep all the bases covered so you can focus on what matters most – your business. Learn more


Fresh & Clean: More Than Just Rental

Our managed rental service is more than just renting. It’s a complete solution to your business’s hygiene and cleanliness needs. When you rent with Fresh & Clean, you benefit from regular, limitless refills, maintenance, and removal on all of our managed washroom services.

Worried about sanitary bins overflowing? Fresh & Clean have you covered. Need regular soap dispenser refills? You’re covered. Do your washrooms need a regular, deep clean? We have you covered. Want a clean, healthy workplace without the stress, cost and hassle?

Fresh & Clean have the solution.

Fresh & Clean Rental Process

The Process

  1. Assess – We’ll thoroughly assess your business’s staff and workspace. After discussing your needs, we’ll be able to offer you a carefully tailored hygiene and cleanliness plan.
  2. Implement – Our friendly professional team will implement a series of soap dispensers, air fresheners, sanitary bins and more. Our efforts are designed to turn your workplace into a clean, fresh, enjoyable environment for both staff and customers.
  3. Maintain – We don’t just stop there. On a monthly basis, we’ll refill, empty, clean and replace each of our rented products. We’ll also provide a deep, thorough clean. Enjoy the peace of mind of a continually safe, clean workspace – at no additional cost.


A History of InnovationAlsco Factory Floor

In 1889, George Steiner founded Alsco in Nebraska, USA. Through a little sweat and elbow grease, George and his younger brother Frank helped Alsco flourish on the ever-changing American frontier. The pair pioneered the concept of a commercial textile rental service.

Over a century later, the Steiner family are taking that same spirit of innovation even further. Fresh & Clean is a ground-breaking solution to business’ washroom hygiene needs. Gone are the days of empty soap dispensers, overflowing sanitary bins, and unclean washroom environments. Alsco’s Fresh & Clean managed rental service is your business’s complete, tailored solution to a safe, fresh and clean working environment.


Green Runs Deeper than the Colour of our Logo

At Alsco, we realise that innovation doesn’t end at our services. We’ve taken George Steiner’s same pioneering spirit to help preserve Australia’s environment. Through our environmentally-friendly Fresh & Green initiative, we reduce wastage, recycle products, and use clean, green chemicals as much as possible. Our fleet also use alternative fuels such as CNG to minimise the pollution we cause to the environment.

Alsco GreenroomAlsco’s Greenroom is a place where Alsco makes a difference. We support and encourage Australian companies to lead a greener existence in each area of their businesses. We also help our customer’s gain exposure through our ‘business spotlight’ – making Australia a little cleaner, healthier, wealthier and happy – one step at a time.


Let us Help Keep Your Business Fresh & Clean

Are you ready to join thousands of Australian businesses in using Fresh & Clean to keep your workplace fresh, hygienic and happy?

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