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7 Amazing Eco-Friendly Washroom Products and Services

14/04/2020   ●    3 minute read

Eco-friendly products are becoming increasingly popular as more customers and businesses prioritise sustainability. For the washroom environment, this has also become a noticeable trend.

While sustainability can be intimidating, expensive and even inefficient at times, it doesn’t have to be. There are many washroom products and services which can minimise your carbon footprint and reduce waste. Fresh & Clean provides an incredible range of eco-friendly washroom supplies which can help your business become more sustainable in the long-term. 

Here are the 7 amazing products and services you should consider: 

Instant Hand Sanitisers 

As a great eco-friendly washroom solution, these Instant Hand Sanitisers can come in either manual or automatic options, which can be strategically placed around the washroom/s for greater accessibility. 

Whether your business chooses to use the wall-mounted or stand-alone versions, they both deliver a metered dose of high-quality disinfecting solution (accompanied by a moisturiser) with a safe automated spray that can kill 99% of germs. 

These hand sanitisers are waterless, environmentally-friendly and gentle on your hands, leaving them soft and supple.

Sharp Waste Bins 

Fresh & Clean’s Sharp Waste Bin is a fantastic washroom product designed for the disposal of sharps (such as needles, syringes, razors, scalpel blades, or broken plastic pipes). While these sharps can cause severe physical injuries, they can also lead to contamination due to contact with bodily fluids, blood, toxins or hazardous chemicals. 

The Sharp Waste Bin is a lockable steel container designed for optimal user safety and environmental protection, enabling proper disposal according to EPA regulations. They are installed for your business and are suitable for either needle or syringe disposal. 

Premium Feminine Hygiene Units

Menstrual products are notorious for contributing to plastic landfill and pollution. That’s why installing a Premium Feminine Hygiene Unit can be a great eco-friendly choice for your washroom.                 

Combined with a modern silhouette and sleek surface, this unit provides the most environmentally friendly and hygienic function for your washroom to look clean and feel fresh. It also features a dark, platinum lid and smart Premium branding on a pristine white body. 

Oxy-Gen Air Fresheners 

The Oxy-Gen Air Freshener is a revolutionary washroom product – the world’s first oxygen based dispenser. No other air freshener uses a pure oxygen-based delivery for pure natural oil-based aromas. With its modern, sleek and compact design, the Oxy-Gen Air Freshener is the perfect device for odour control in your washroom. 

This eco-friendly technology can help businesses to significantly minimise their carbon footprint, and can be ideal for your business to acquire a GreenStar Building Certification. As the air freshener is released, the fragrance molecules diffuse into the air and push out the malodours completely, while also maximising air circulation in the washroom. 

Paper Towel Dispensers 

Paper towels are acknowledged as a hygienic and cost-effective hand-drying system. Businesses can choose from either interleaf or roll-towel options, which come with a great range of eco-friendly paper choices for your washroom sustainability. 

These Paper Towel Dispensers are perfect for any workplace whether it be an office or restaurant kitchen, and are ideal for various functions such as drying hands, mopping spills and cleaning. 

There is nothing more satisfying than having soft, absorbent and unscented paper towels that leave a quick, pleasant and safe-on-sensitive-skin hand drying experience. It’s even better knowing that you’re investing in a high-quality paper towel dispenser which leaves minimal environmental impact! 

Hand Dryer 

This Fresh & Clean Hand Dryer has a powerful motor that can leave your hands feeling completely dry within 10 seconds. There is a no-touch option which ensures that germs are not transferred from touching contaminated surfaces. Instead, the dryer is instantly activated by an infra-red motion sensor. 

This washroom product even has an eco-friendly hot/cold air option, with a choice of either manual or automatic settings. Fresh & Clean offers a wide range of antibacterial and fragrance booster cartridges for your business’s preferences. 

Intensive Biological Treatment 

Fresh & Clean’s new, revolutionary Intensive Biological Treatment is a powerful, 100% environmentally friendly service for hygiene control. While many businesses use an unsanitary waterless system and toxic chemicals to eliminate hygiene problems (such as grime, bacteria and odours), this can create issues of unsustainability. 

The Intensive Biological Treatment involves professional deep cleaning, where our experts eliminate all grime and toxic chemicals from toilets or urinals. There is also an installation of a powerful biological cleaning system, including a urinal block and a bio solution – composed of bio-friendly soaps and organic substances which can quickly eliminate germs and odour build-up within 24 hours. 

So there we have it – 7 amazing eco-friendly washroom products and services. With Fresh & Clean’s fantastic range of eco-friendly washroom supplies, your business is guaranteed to maximise hygiene and sanitation in the workplace. Not only that, your business will be one step closer to achieving greater sustainability in no time. 

Our Managed Washroom Services will meet all your unique hygiene requirements, while creating a fresh,  pleasant environment for your employees. You won’t have to refill supplies or maintain your cleaning inventory – we do it all for you at an affordable fee, according to a flexible schedule. 

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