The Importance of Sanitary Bins

14/05/2020   ●    2 minute read

Sanitary waste disposal involves discarding sanitary waste in a safe and responsible manner. It is crucial that all businesses have sanitary bins in the workplace to prevent the spread of nasty bacteria and icky grime. Not only will you protect your workers from health risks, you’ll also be complying with Australian hygiene regulations. 

Some businesses can be hesitant to invest in good-quality sanitary bins, but they can make a huge difference to the overall cleanliness and safety of their washroom environment. In saying this, this article will go through all the reasons why sanitary bins are important and why all workplaces should have them.

Hygiene & Cleanliness 

Sanitary waste poses a huge threat to the workplace. Even if sanitary bins are emptied and cleaned regularly, they are still dangerous to staff and visitors which is why using a professional disposal service is preferred for many businesses. Luckily, Fresh & Clean’s Managed Washroom Service provides a flexible range of washroom facilities and sanitary disposal units in a convenient and affordable way, uniquely tailored to your business’s needs.

Sanitary bins are necessary for the disposal of feminine hygiene products such as tampons and pads. These are brimming with bacteria and germs, which can cause illness and contamination if not correctly discarded. Sanitary bins are ideally designed with a lift-flap mechanism which requires minimal contact, having an anti-bacterial liner which can kill 99.99% of germs. For female employees with children, having a nappy disposal unit which is frequently replaced can also minimise the chance of germ transfer.

Prevent Injuries & Contamination 

Not only are sanitary bins essential for eradicating invisible germs, they are also crucial for the disposal of hazardous waste and sharp objects in accordance with EPA regulations. Luckily, Fresh & Clean’s sharp disposal containers and clinical waste disposal units are suitable for all workplaces, enabling staff and visitors to responsibly dispose of dangerous waste. 

A sharp waste bin is especially important for the disposal of sharp objects, ranging from needles, broken glass, razors, scalpel blades and broken plastic pipettes. These sharps can cause severe injuries such as cuts and puncture wounds. However, they can also be contaminated with body fluids, blood, toxins, or hazardous chemicals which can pose serious health risks to individuals.

To mitigate these potential injuries and contamination risks, Fresh & Clean provides Sharps Disposal Units which are lockable steel containers that are specially designed for user safety and environmental protection in accordance with EPA regulations. Meanwhile, Clinical Waste Bins are required for the disposal of toxic waste, whether this be from humans or animals. These medical waste hazards can be found in places such as laboratories, veterinary clinics or dental practices.

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