Can Nappy Care Be Cool?

10/05/2023   ●    2 minute read

Let’s face it: nappy bins are not sexy and really, do we want them to be? But, at a minimum, keeping the washroom environment – where nappy bins tend to spend their days – safe and sanitary is a priority. That means eliminating dangerous germs and – ahem – hazardous waste as well as the odours that can come from nappy bins.

Nappy Care Can Be Cool(ish)

We are not saying that nappy bins will ever be cool – they are too functional for that – but our new nappy units come pretty darn close. Maybe “cool” is not the right word but their slim profile adds a modern touch, the lid system seals each nappy away to ensure minimal odour escape, and they look great in any washroom environment.

Perhaps more important than their great looks and high-functioning lid, our nappy bins (we call them nappy units) come with perks. Our managed, in-cubicle servicing program is not only sanitary, but removes the odour-causing bacteria that everyone loves to hate. Washroom users rejoice – no more holding your nose when you go to the washroom!

 No Pong In the Centre

The nappy units are regularly serviced by Fresh and Clean Australia’s team to ensure that they remain clean and hygienic. The team will empty the nappy unit and replace the liner as needed, so businesses can rest assured that their facilities are always clean and well-maintained.

Your washroom and nappy bins deserve to be both clean and odour free. Our nappy bins, and ladies sanitary bins, are serviced in-cubicle, so that bad smells don’t linger in the air. 

Alsco is a Sanitising Company

 As a sanitising company, safety is our top priority. Our washroom services, including nappy bin service, clinical service for sharp objects and hazardous waste, odour control and feminine hygiene services, ensure dangerous germs and other waste are removed so your washroom is safe and secure for all users, including for those who use nappies. It may seem small, but a nappy bin and a great-smelling washroom can have a big impact.


Got a washroom concern? Please reach out – together, we’ll sort out the clean from the sanitary and get to the bottom of the hygienic wellbeing of your workplace.

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