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Remove Odour from Urinals – 5 Tips to Ensure a Clean and Inviting bathroom

17/09/2020   ●    3 minute read

Have you ever entered a company bathroom and been hit with the nastiest, most repulsive odour?

Chances are, you definitely aren’t alone. Poor washroom hygiene is extremely common, especially horrible odours which emanate from urinals. It’s important that businesses treat this issue quickly to avoid that lingering stench which can leave visitors and clients recoiling with disgust.

Whether your business has a waterless or flushing urinal, foul-smelling odours are bound to emerge at some point, despite all your cleaning staff’s efforts. Conventional cleaners will not permanently remove the non-water soluble components of urine – uric acid crystals.

This substance is the source of persistent urine odour in your washroom urinals, which can thrive among porous grout and dirty porcelain toilet bowls. The good news is that these uric acid crystals can be eliminated using the proper equipment and tools. In saying that, let’s have a look at the 5 tips for ensuring a clean and inviting bathroom!

1. Urinal or WC Deep Clean

Fresh & Clean’s Urinal/WC Deep Clean starts off by using a uric acid remover, followed by a final wipe and polish (with multiple stages of thorough cleaning in-between). This guarantees that your bathroom urinals and toilets will remain spotless and gleaming.

Additional steam-cleaning can be used and consultations with plumbing experts can also improve the foul odours polluting your bathroom. With Fresh & Clean, we can provide this service on a regular basis so that your bathroom stays clean and radiant, providing you with a peace-of-mind like no other.

2. Intense Biological Treatment

Washrooms are constantly plagued by grimy urinals and stubborn odours. Luckily, Fresh & Clean’s Intensive Biological Treatment provides the solution to this dilemma. It is a revolutionary professional deep-cleaning service, where our team of experts will permanently remove every bit of dirt and grime (and odours) from your toilet and urinal systems within 24 hours.

Under this treatment, a powerful biological cleaning system will be installed, including a chemical solution and urinal blocks. These are made of a combination of bio-friendly soaps and natural ‘bugs’ that eliminate nasty germs, dirt, and odours. Within just ONE day, your bathroom will be hygienic, sparkling and odour-free!

3. Air Quality Control Services

To ensure that your washrooms are always smelling fresh and heavenly, air-freshening and odour elimination services are a no-brainer. Fresh & Clean offers automatic wall-mounted air fresheners, which are designed to dispense a measured dose of fragrance at selected intervals.

The unique dispenser is designed to last longer and reduce interruptions in your workplace. Not only is there a prolonged suspension of fragrance, these air fresheners are environmentally friendly and don’t emit CFCs! Alsco will manage a customised service schedule to suit your requirements – we offer replacements of batteries and atomisers for each service.

4. Oxy-Gen Air Freshener

This groundbreaking Oxy-Gen Air Freshener is the world’s first oxygen-based dispenser. How cool is that? No other air freshener uses oxygen based delivery for its pure, natural based aromas. The modern and sleek design ensures maximum air circulation, with batteries replaced at each service.

This unique air freshener doesn’t just simply mask malodours, it actually eliminates them – the fragrance molecules diffuse into the air and push out the competing malodour molecules completely, leaving the room smelling divine. This technology can also help offices reduce their carbon footprint and is ideal for GreenStar building certification.

5. WC or Urinal Digital Sanitiser

When a toilet or urinal flushes, harmful bacteria can become airborne. With Fresh & Clean’s WC/Urinal Digital Sanitisers, you can keep the most germ-infested areas of your washroom clean, sanitised, and fresh for a pleasant washroom experience.

These sanitisers are digitally-controlled, enabling 24/7 maximum efficiency of germ and bacteria removal, while also keeping your urinals shiny and odourless by preventing uric acid build-up. Micro-doses (0.1ml) are released for affordable, long-lasting cleanliness.

Fresh & Clean will fit, maintain and refill high-power sanitisers at no added cost, keeping your business’s washrooms consistently clean and inviting.

Get in contact with Fresh and Clean to organise your bathroom cleaning needs today. With our managed services solution, we take care of all your hand hygiene, feminine hygiene, clinical service and odour control needs for a fixed monthly fee. We refill and sanitise on a regular basis ensuring your customers and employees will always be working in a clean and safe environment while you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ve got it sorted for you!

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