Is It Time to Invest in Odour Control?

24/05/2023   ●    < 1 minute

Not only can getting – and maintaining – control of unpleasant odours be a boost for your business, it can also impact employee happiness.

 Odour Control Matters

Does your workplace smell like Fontainebleau in springtime? According to a very famous professor, Sumantra Ghosal of the London School of Business, the environment in which you work can create different energy and distinct types of behaviour. Ghosal famously compared feelings of fatigue and low energy with summer in Calcutta, India and the feelings of motivation and high energy with spring in Fontainebleau, France. Though there are many facets to the Professor’s thesis, including workplace conditions that sap energy versus boosting energy, the gist of the idea is: smell matters and you want your workplace to smell like Fontainebleau in the springtime. (There’s lots of research around feeling more energised in the spring, too.)

Improve the Customer Experience

The customer experience can be impacted by scent, too. Research has demonstrated that rooms with a pleasant scent spur not only positive feelings but a desire to stay in a place where it smells good. This translates to the workplace experience, too, no matter the sort of workplace.

What does that mean for your place of business? Australia is not France or India but Ghosal’s idea of creating workplaces that boost energy applies here, too. That could mean reviewing your sanitation services to include odour control measures, such as wall-mounted air fresheners, or adding feminine hygiene units that improve the look, feel and odour of the ladies’ washroom. Fresh & Clean’s Managed Rental Service offers convenient, hassle-free hygiene and odour control solutions that really can make a difference in the day-to-day running of your business.


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