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How Ambient Scenting can increase business

30/10/2020   ●    3 minute read

Not many people know that scents can actually play a major role in attracting customers. 

On a deeper level, aromatic scents and fragrances have the power to influence our mood. It can inspire, energise and relax the mind, enhancing your customer’s in-store experience to new heightened levels. Coupled with effective odour control in your washrooms, ambient scenting can truly make a difference to your business! 

More importantly, this use of ambient scenting can cultivate stronger brand image and positive customer impressions, which can actually encourage them to browse within the store for a longer period of time. Find out more below about how ambient scenting can increase your business! 

What is Ambient Scenting? 

First of all, what exactly is ambient scenting? Well, in simple terms, ambient scenting involves uplifting the scent of your workplace to provide a pleasant experience to employees, customers and visitors alike. Ambient scenting is simply the next, intuitive step in differentiating yourself from other competitors in the market.

The great thing about ambient scenting is that it allows you to customise the intensity, frequency and type of scent…all carefully curated to provide the optimal in-store experience that will keep your customers hooked. This can be accompanied by visual aesthetic decor, compelling store layout, friendly staff and music in your workplace. 

Benefits of Ambient Scenting 

There are many incredible benefits of ambient scenting, namely that it can help drive new business to your doorstep. Customers want a lovely and pleasurable experience when they go shopping. Appealing to their olfactory senses can intensify positive moods and uplift brand associations, especially in retail environments. 

Increase Customer Loyalty 

By using ambient scenting, you’re able to express the overarching tone and feel of your brand, meaning that you can form a deeper emotional connection with your customers. In fact, 75% of emotions are influenced by smells. Store atmosphere is a key trigger for building this stronger customer relationship – the interplay of colours, lighting, temperature and ambient scenting all come together to drive a more engaging shopping experience. 

Tailored for Your Business 

Ambient scenting can be tailored to match your brand identity, no matter your industry or business size. Fresh and Clean provides custom scents which are carefully selected to reflect your company’s branding and store atmosphere, allowing you to appeal more effectively to your customer’s tastes. 

Interestingly, this Study about Scent Atmospherics reveals that women generally prefer sweeter scents such as vanilla while men prefer rose-based aromatics. It also provided valuable insight into how ambient scenting actually causes both genders to stay 50% longer than stores without any fragrance. By using ambient scenting, you can truly enhance your customer’s experience as part of your integral marketing campaign. 

Drive Higher Sales and Revenue

There’s nothing better than making your customers feel empowered when engaging with your brand and interacting with your store’s products or services. Since it plays a considerable role in shaping one’s mood, ambient scenting will help your customers stay in-store for much longer and encourage them to purchase more than they would without any fragrance.

Not only will ambient scenting enhance your overall customer experience, it will also compel your target market to actually remember your brand and have positive associations about your company. This in turn will encourage them to revisit the store, which increases your sales revenue in the process. 

Capture More Business with F&C’s Ambient Scenting! 

The scents in your business’s spaces can have a huge impact on your customer perceptions. 

With Ambient Scenting, Fresh & Clean keeps your customers happier and more relaxed, meaning that they will stay in-store for longer and continually offer you new business. We place scent diffusers that fill your spaces with subtle, pleasant scents – regardless of how large or small your business is.

Our Ambient Scenting service is also carefully tailored to your business’s needs, no matter which industry. Capturing your customers’ hearts starts with their senses – not their minds. Ambient scenting is a powerful yet subtle way to improve your business traffic, and leave a lasting, positive impression on your visitors.

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