Deep Cleaning That Really Goes Deep

03/06/2023   ●    2 minute read

Is your business experiencing a drain or washroom odour that can’t be explained? That is, an odour that cannot be sent packing with an odour control program or old-fashioned washroom sanitation service? Time to call in a heavy hitter, Fresh & Clean.

Industrial Deep Cleaning Services

We are not shy about telling you that we are the number one provider in Australia for Biological Washroom Solutions. And we are not talking about deep cleaning with chemicals which can briefly mask odour but do not nullify or get rid of unpleasant smells. Fresh & Clean’s BioClean is a game changer.

Our environmentally friendly solution does not use chemicals. Instead, our solution utilises the power of bacteria, specifically, beneficial microbes that go after the germs that cause those unwelcome odours, eliminating them and their stink. It’s a new-fangled germ warfare that is always more successful than chemicals at eliminating odours. 

That smell that’s been around forever? With our naturally derived solution, which includes a multi-layered approach to tackle odours at the surface as well as deep within your washrooms’ nooks and crannies, your business’s washrooms will be clean, really clean. Deep clean. Smell great clean. After a Fresh & Clean service, nasty odours will dissipate within 24 hours.

It’s Time to Plan a Urinal Deep Clean

Bad odours can sneak up in any washroom environment. Even the swankiest spa, resort or gym can develop a malodorous situation. Sometimes, a solution you tried worked for a while but did not get to the root of the problem. So the odours came back.

Fresh & Clean has a solution to truly, madly, deeply clean, even a urinal deep clean, using our new, long-lasting retro-fabulous technology.  It works. And it works fast. As part of a managed service program, Fresh & Clean assesses and maintains your washrooms and urinals.    


Got a washroom concern? Please reach out – together, we’ll sort out the best hygiene solution for your business to eliminate odours and other washroom concerns. Bad bugs, be gone!

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