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What is BioClean?

BioClean is a sophisticated deep cleaning process obliterating germs and removing the dirt that is 'unseen', leaving your washrooms free from odour-causing bacteria. 

With time, washrooms, urinals, showers, walls and floors can accumulate deposits of skin, soap, and uric acid (from urine) that regular cleaning simply can't remove. This is where BioClean stands out, providing an effective solution to remove stubborn residues and maintain a hygienic environment.

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Professional Bio Deep Clean


Our expert team eradicates all traces of 'unseen' bacteria and grime from your washroom and urinal systems, simultaneously eliminating harmful chemicals in the process.

Biological Installation


In just 24 hours, your washrooms will become odour-free, thanks to our intensive Biological Washroom Cleaner. It targets the most tenacious washroom and urinal grime, like uric acid (from urine).



Regular inspections, coupled with servicing our potent biological products, will not only enhance the shine of your assets but also eliminate unpleasant odours effectively.

Targeting the Nasties


The nature of restrooms is that they are full of naturally occuring "waste" that can cause bad smells and unsightly stains on urinals, toilet bowls, tiles and grout.

Breaking Things Down


The Fresh & Clean BioClean solution harnesses the power of enzymes  to efficiently break down stains and unpleasant odours that occur from natural waste in your restroom. It targets and breaks down the causes of bad smells, stains, and buildup of including limescale, calcium deposits on floor as walls, as well as urinals.

Bye-Bye Smells


The enzymes in our BioClean solution help to not only breakdown the waste stains in your restroom, but also eliminate the odours that are always “hanging around”. Say goodbye to bad smells for good.

Better for you


Regular servicing of your restrooms with the BioClean will mean you no longer have to use dangerous chemicals like bleach, disinfectant or caustic substances. BioClean has no harmful properties, so it does not present a risk to the personal health and wellbeing of your or your cleaning team. 

What sets us apart from the rest?

Experience the comprehensive benefits of our BioClean service - it's deeper than just cleaning.

One of our experts will guide you through how our service works, best of all, there's no large capital outlay. Plus, once you start using the BioClean service you can remove bleach and other nasty chemicals from your cleaning regime.

The BioClean service is a high-quality and natural solution can take care of every surface of your washroom, the toilets, urinals, walls, drains, and floors and even the grout!

Let us tailor the best hygiene solution for your business, ensuring a fresh and hygienic environment.


Imagine BioClean as probiotics for your washrooms and urinals – fostering a natural culture to cultivate good bugs and eliminating the undesirable bugs.


BioScreen for Urinals

BioScreen is a thoughtfully engineered solution for precise dosing of biological urinal blocks. Specialised bacterial cultures, contained within the BioScreen, ensure meticulous deodorising of urinal traps and pipes, creating a pristine washroom environment and facilitating water savings.

Our commitment to safety and sustainability is evident in the reusable and chemical-free BioScreen. Perfect for public spaces like shopping centres, hotels, pubs, clubs, restaurants, schools, and institutions, where prioritising well-being and the environment is paramount.

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BioCaps for Urinals

Our BioCaps boast a uniquely tailored formula designed to combat odour issues in urinals. Harnessing the power of friendly bacteria, these specially selected strains effectively eliminate fats, uric-scale, and solids that accumulate in urinal traps and pipe systems, leading to unpleasant odours. Infused with a refreshing citrus fragrance and water-soluble properties, our biological urinal blocks not only eradicate the root cause of these challenges but also deliver significant cost savings on washroom maintenance.

Ideal for public spaces such as shopping centres, hotels, pubs, clubs, schools, and institutions, where protecting people and the environment (and your reputation) is a priority.

*The actual item may appear differently.


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