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31/03/2020   ●    2 minute read

We would like to reassure our valued customers that Alsco remains open and operating, and will continue to support essential services in keeping our country operating. With the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting individuals, businesses and communities across Australia, we want to provide information on how we are working to help mitigate its effects.

Alsco plays an important role in maintaining clean hygiene standards for all our customers in all industries whether it be food manufacturing and processing, healthcare, corporate or industrial. These organisations are still providing critical functions for their local communities and the economy and are also often critical in maintaining public health. In addition to our normal procedures and processes, Alsco has taken steps to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and the communities we call home.

Alsco ensures it’s adherence to the stringent Australian Laundry Standards AS 4146 2000 and our HACCP accredited plants ensure that our customers and our community have the very best in clean hygienic product and that our staff work in a hygienic and safe working environment.

Our local branches will continue to provide on-time, complete deliveries and are empowered to make decisions to ensure that we are doing so in a manner that reflects our commitment to employee, customer and community safety.

We are committed to providing the highest levels of service, safety and hygiene to all of our customers and through this commitment we will continue to contribute to the safety and welfare of the communities we serve. If you need to discuss your service further please, do not hesitate to contact the account manager of your branch. Should you find yourself in need of customer service or solutions to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, please contact us on 1300 659 892.

HACCP Accreditation
Adherence to Australian Laundry Standards AS/NZS 4146 2000

Food Processing Garment Services
Industrial Workwear Services
Floor Care Services
Continuous Towel Services
Hand Hygiene Services
Managed Washroom Service
Washroom Sanitiser Service

For additional information about COVID-19, visit the Australian Government Department of Health


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