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Advantages of Outsourcing Your Bathroom Cleaning

10/09/2020   ●    3 minute read

Managing the cleanliness of your business’s bathrooms can give you an enormous, throbbing headache. 

While maintaining hygiene and sanitary conditions can be a painstaking and time-consuming process, it leaves a very positive impression on clients and visitors, while management and staff become more satisfied and productive in the workplace. 

However, most companies do not have enough manpower, proper cleaning equipment or the financial resources to actually maintain the level of cleanliness that they desire in their restrooms. That’s why outsourcing bathroom cleaning is a great option for many businesses. 

To convince you further, here are the main advantages of outsourcing your bathroom cleaning! 


  • Focus on Your Business & Save Time

Outsourcing your bathroom cleaning allows you to concentrate on the main operations of the business without unnecessary distractions. The harsh reality is that cleaning bathrooms can be extremely time-consuming, especially when you have your main job to focus on.

While cleanliness and hygiene should be promoted in the workplace, it can actually hurt productivity in the long run. Without outsourcing, management and staff will dedicate some portion of their precious time doing the bathroom cleaning – time that could be better spent on generating revenue, performing important duties, liaising with clientele and growing the business. 

The best part about outsourcing your bathroom cleaning is that you can focus solely on your business goals and urgent priorities. Meanwhile, professional cleaning experts with commercial, technologically advanced equipment can do the work for you while you sit back and relax. 


  • Maintenance and Replenishment 

It can be incredibly frustrating to fix broken toilets, clogged drains or malfunctioning taps, along with refilling empty paper towel dispensers or hand sanitisers. 

By outsourcing your bathroom cleaning, your business won’t have to worry about any of that. Many professional cleaning services offer a convenient and hassle-free solution for businesses who constantly need to replenish their cleaning stock. In fact, Fresh & Clean’s managed washroom program ensures that all your business’s health and hygiene units are properly installed and maintained – at no added cost! 

Under our tailored rental services, Fresh & Clean will refill and sanitise your washroom products, exchange any damaged ones, and keep the cycle going in accordance with an agreed timetable so your business standards never fall.

From soap dispensers to sanitary bins, you can be sure that your washroom will be consistently managed with top-quality replenishment and delivery services. 


  • Affordable & No Capital Outlay 

Bathroom cleaning can be very expensive to your business in the long run, especially when you invest in bulky cleaning equipment, fix expensive damaged amenities or replenish easily diminishing supplies. Many businesses simply do not have the financial resources to deal with cleaning their bathrooms on a regular basis. 

Luckily, outsourcing is an extremely cost-effective option which can reduce your capital outlay and minimise any long-term maintenance costs for your bathroom cleaning. Your business won’t have to deal with purchasing more cleaning materials and stock which can gradually devour your expenses.

Additionally, outsourcing means that you won’t have any payroll concerns – rather than keeping internal company cleaning staff on payroll, outsourcing commercial cleaning services can drastically reduce the heavy, time-consuming costs of human resource management. 


  • Professional Cleaning & Expertise 

Outsourcing your bathroom cleaning means you’ll be hiring a professional cleaning company with high-quality washroom management services and technologically advanced equipment. 

By designating your own staff to clean the business bathrooms, it doesn’t actually guarantee that proper cleaning and maintenance will be accomplished. Also, certain issues may arise in the bathroom which can only be diagnosed and repaired with external assistance.

Outsourcing these cleaning tasks would be much more effective and assuring since professional cleaning experts with commercial cleaning equipment will be better suited in ensuring your bathrooms remain fully functional and hygienic. 

Fresh & Clean’s managed washroom service is the complete solution to your business – we thoroughly assess your needs to offer you a carefully tailored hygiene and cleanliness plan. Our friendly professional team will then provide various relevant hygiene units at your disposal, catered for the optimal bathroom experience – all this maintained on a monthly basis with no added costs!


  • Accessibility to Other Cleaning Services 

While cleaning bathrooms is a common priority for many businesses, it doesn’t have to stop there. And why should it? 

Outsourcing your hygiene and cleanliness needs to a professional company will ensure that you gain access to a diverse range of best-quality, superior cleaning services. With these, your company bathroom will be sparkling and gleaming in no time! 

Need to revamp the safety of your workplace environment? How about using Fresh & Clean’s clinical disposal bins and sharps containers? Or how about fully stocked and serviced First Aid Kits, defibrillators and WH&S certified training courses?

We also offer several odour control services, with innovative air-fresheners and ambient scenting that will have your washroom smelling like pure heavenly bliss. This is coupled with our unique Intensive Biological Treatment which can powerfully obliterate the foul-smelling odours of grimy urinals and toilets. 


So why hesitate? Get your bathroom squeaky clean!

Contact Fresh & Clean if you want a fresh and hygienic bathroom that will leave a lasting impression! Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing everything is being taken care of.

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