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Washroom Services that Will Improve the Workplace

13/08/2020   ●    2 minute read

A happy workplace is a clean workplace, and a major concern for employees is the restroom. 83% of staff believe that the state of the restroom (provision of hand washing facilities, sanitary bins, washroom sanitisers) and its cleanliness is an indicator of how much their company values their employees. 1 in 10 staff has avoided using the bathrooms at their work due to their concern over hygiene. Staff shouldn’t have to feel the need to avoid using bathrooms, due to its lack of cleanliness. 

Washroom services include regular servicing of bathrooms, provision of feminine hygiene facilities, hand hygiene facilities, odour control and washroom sanitisers.

Regular Service

Bathrooms must be cleaned regularly as clean facilities make it difficult for germs to spread. A clean, hygienic and fresh smelling bathroom is a basic but essential requirement for all workplaces. It keeps employees healthy and happy, avoids disruptions to businesses and creates a pleasant environment for staff and visitors. Happier employees are 12% more productive at work, so ensuring a regularly cleaned bathroom is a great start for ensuring your employees are happy and in turn more productive.

Feminine hygiene

Disposing of sanitary items is a sensitive issue. Having to touch the lid of the sanitary bin may cause anxiety to some, due to the potential of bacteria harbouring on it. Providing a clean and hygienic way to dispose of sanitary items can increase employees happiness and confidence. 

Hand Hygiene

Washing hands properly is an important part of maintaining clean workplace environments. Hands should be washed thoroughly for 20 seconds every time washroom facilities are used. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure there are adequate hand washing facilities at all times. This includes hand wash that is always filled and a way to dry hands such as a paper towel dispenser or hand dryer.

Odour Control

A clean bathroom means a nice smelling bathroom. 17% of workers have admitted to not washing their hands due to a smelly bathroom and therefore wanting to get out of the bathroom as fast as possible. Organise automatic air fresheners for your bathroom and workplace to ensure happy employees.

A fresh and hygienic washroom creates a lasting impression and shows your customers and staff you care about their comfort and wellbeing. Fresh & Clean managed washroom services take the hard work out of washroom hygiene with programs specifically designed to your individual needs. Organise your washroom facility requirements with Fresh and Clean!

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