Support a Healthy Workplace with Washroom Services

07/03/2023   ●    < 1 minute

From restaurants to doctor’s offices, people need the washroom. Services to ensure a sparkling clean washroom are noticed by clients and are an important differentiator in the customer experience. Our bathroom cleaning service can make a difference in your customer’s experience.

Hygiene Matters

Did you know there is something called World Toilet Day? It was news to us, too, but the concept makes sense: make more people aware of something we take for granted yet use many times a day. Think of celebrating toilets as a way to think of washroom services and you are onto something a little different – keeping the washroom clean and tidy is as important as access to the toilet. 

It turns out that a clean washroom is a leading indicator to developing customer trust. According to research on restaurants conducted by CleanLink, an information resource for sanitary supply distributors, 75 percent of U.S. adults wouldn’t return to an establishment with a dirty washroom. Turns out, the study group equated a dirty bathroom with a poorly run enterprise. And these same adults reported their findings to their friends, indulging in the worst sort of word-of-mouth marketing.

The Solution

Shifting those negative thoughts into positive ones and unhappy workers into content ones is doable and easy. Selecting one of our managed washroom services quiets the nattering nabobs of negativity and ensures regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance of workplace bathrooms, urinals and other hygiene areas in the washroom like feminine hygiene and nappy bins.

Drop us a line – we’ll figure out what the right program is for your business.

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