Things to Consider when selecting your Washroom Drying Solution

27/07/2020   ●    2 minute read

We’re constantly told of the importance of washing our hands regularly, in order to prevent the spread of infections. However, what most individuals do not realise is that how we dry our hands after washing is just as important in order to prevent infections. One study found that wet hands are 1000 times more likely to spread germs than dry hands. Therefore understanding the different drying solutions and choosing the most appropriate one for your business is crucial.

Common drying methods found in public washrooms include paper towels and electric hand dryers, but what is the most effective? The answer depends on a few different factors and we’ve outlined the merits of both options below.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are a quick and effective method for drying hands. No need to wait around, and if preferred, hands can be dried on the go. Most studies have also found that paper towels can dry our hands and remove bacteria effectively, causing less potential contamination in the washroom. However, if poorly disposed of, paper towels can present a contamination risk. Unfortunately, in the environmental debate, paper towels fall far behind. Unfortunately almost all paper towels end up in landfill as they are unable to be recycled. Paper towels are however less noisy, compared to hand dryers, which may be an important requirement for some environments, such as hospitals where individuals are sleeping, and require as little disturbance as possible.

Warm Air Dryer

The cheaper and more environmentally friendly method, warm air dryers are the preferred method for some businesses. Unlike paper towels, air dryers are always ready to go and don’t require someone to refill them often. However, they do require regular cleaning to ensure a low risk of recontamination and with only a limited amount of hand dryers available, some individuals may not wait and attempt to dry their hands on their clothes instead.

Which is better?

While both options have their pros and cons, there is no correct hand drying method for public spaces. It depends on the type of business and what your priorities are. For those in healthcare, where hygiene is paramount, paper towels are recommended. However, for those that would like to cut costs and their carbon footprint, warm air dryers are the way to go. Whatever your choice, it is still paramount to wash your hands correctly to begin with and dry your hands effectively with whichever method is available or preferable.

At Fresh and Clean we have a managed rental service for washroom solutions. We refill and sanitise your washroom products, exchange any damaged ones, and keep the cycle going in accordance with an agreed timetable so your business standards never fall. This way, your customers and employees will always be sure to work in a clean environment, while you enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing everything is being taken care of.

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