Level Up Food Safety with First Aid Kits for Professional Kitchens

04/07/2023   ●    2 minute read

With an estimated 4.67 million cases of food poisoning each year in Australia and an economic cost of $2.1 billion, food safety is critical business in professional kitchens and anywhere food is consumed. Aussies have noticed. The Australian Food Safety Information Council (FSIC), sets aside a week each year to draw awareness to science-based, consumer-focused food safety for all Australians. (For 2023, Food Safety Week is November 11–18.)

Pathogenic bacteria lurk in improperly stored and cooked food as well as on dirty hands, and elsewhere. The Food Safety Information Council includes a wealth of information on ways to reduce pathogens, including a system known as Clean, Chill, Cook and Separate, or four critical steps any restaurateur, chef or home cook can take to support a safe food supply.

Add First Aid Kits for Businesses to Your Must-Have List

Why? Knife work and hot pans are tools of the trade in restaurants and other professional kitchens. The humans who handle the tools of food prep and cooking are fallible. Accidents happen. Where Alsco Uniforms can help is offering support, like our first aid kits designed specifically for the food industry. Prompt and proper treatment of wounds and other injuries, as well as proper protection of those wounds over time, limits bacteria transmission from a kitchen injury, such as a cut finger or arm.  First aid kits for professional kitchens and businesses are a first line of defence to help keep staff safe and eliminate unwanted transmission of bacteria. 

In addition to cleansing wipes, burn gel and butterfly closures, Alsco Uniforms first aid kits for the food industry include food safe bandages, finger covers and other industry-specific first aid required in professional kitchens. No matter which first aid kit you choose from Alsco, it is stocked with hospital-grade materials, carefully organised and colour-coded for efficiency under stressful conditions, and limitlessly restocked with our rental service. 

An Ounce of Prevention… 

If you run a business in Australia, you likely already know that the Australian Work Health and Safety Regulations require businesses, including professional kitchens, to have:

  • at least one first aid kit 
  • first aid facilities 
  • staff trained in first aid (first aiders)
  • access by all workers to the place where first aid is administered

Australian workplace safety requirements are built into the core of our business.  Alsco Uniforms can help, the Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations for your business don’t have to be a burden. We are an industry leader in managed first aid services and are pros at developing first aid kits that are suited to the specific needs of your business and meet or exceed the requirements of the WHS. 

First Aid Kits for Professional Kitchens

Staying WHS compliant and safe at work are our goals. Working with your team, we’ll determine what first aid kit or other safety gear is required to meet and exceed WHS requirements and make your professional kitchen ready for anything. 

We’ve found that a discussion about your business’s unique needs is the fastest route to WHS compliance and your safety team’s happiness. Let’s figure it out together.

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