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31/10/2023   ●    2 minute read

First aid kits designed for vehicles are perfect for a wide range of industries like construction, home repair and delivery services, and many other businesses. What’s in the cab or boot of your business’ vehicles?

Whether they are called first aid kits for cars or, as we prefer, Motorist First Aid Kits, being prepared for an emergency while driving a vehicle is just as important as in an office building or other work area. Emergencies are never expected and pop up in cars and trucks more often than seems logical.

And we’ve all seen the movies and just know that more babies are born in taxis than in any other place, right? Well, maybe not as often as Hollywood thinks, but equipping a service fleet or individual car with a first aid kit in each vehicle is a great step towards improved safety for employees.

While the Australian Automobile Association is mum about first aid kits in cars, the National Safety Council includes a Motorist First Aid Kit at #6 on its list of what you should keep in the car.

We include the recommended gauze, tape, bandages, eye wash liquid, scissors, paper tape, forceps, and nitrile, powder-free gloves. 

The next step? Learning how to use what’s inside the kit should an emergency occur. That’s where first aid education comes in.

First Aid Kits & First Aid Education

Motorist first aid kits for your work vehicles, including passenger vehicles and trucks, are at the heart of our First Aid Services. We’ll work with you to ensure your business has the proper kits and keep them stocked.

First aid kits, automated external defibrillators (AED) and eye wash stations are part of our first aid services. We can also train staff to deal with an emergency, including a cardiac arrest event, and we also maintain and service AEDs.

Our First Aid Training Process  

After an initial survey of your business requirements and needs, we’ll create a streamlined plan and propose a schedule to train key stakeholders onsite and online. Because we keep records of who has been trained and alert you before training certificates expire, the process flow is properly aligned for stakeholder re-training or training new stakeholders.

A comprehensive report detailing your staff’s training and compliance is similarly updated throughout the process.

Streamlined Managed First Aid Training

Here’s another way to look at it: Alsco looks after training qualifications and certifications and measures your business’s compliance in real-time by company, division, site and employee.  We take care of the data. Your company simply pays for the “seat.” The person who fills the seat can change as many times as needed under a managed training program. Everyone receives the same training.

You can get into the nitty-gritty of what we offer by reviewing our processes.

We’ve found that a discussion about your business’s unique needs is the fastest route to WHS compliance and your safety team’s happiness. Let’s figure it out together.

Let’s do this, Australia!

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