Find answers to the most often asked questions

Are all the Fresh & Clean services available at every branch?

Yes, all of our hand care, hygiene system and odour control can be provided by every one of our Fresh & Clean branches. Visit the contact page to find your nearest branch.

How regularly does Fresh & Clean service sanitary bins?

Our service schedule is flexible to suit each customer’s needs.
Services can be performed more or less frequently depending on what you

How often do I need my washroom serviced?

A monthly service is the standard service, however if you’re considering a cloth towel we would recommend a weekly service. Fresh & Clean has expert staff that will assess your needs and tailor a solution. Criteria taken into account includes number of personnel/customers/visitors, number of toilets and access.

Do we still need our cleaners?

Yes. The Fresh & Clean washroom service is not designed to replace day to day cleaning. We enhance their service by regular deep cleaning and ensuring sanitizers, air fresheners, soap dispensers, soaps and hand drying equipment are all fully stocked and in good working order.

Why use toilet seat wipes?

Using toilet paper or tissues to wipe the seat can aid in the spread of bacteriWipes assist in eliminating bacteria and provide a hygienic surface.

Why do we need an air freshener unit on the wall?

This unit cannot be touched or interfered with so it protects you from cross-contamination and the potential for vandalism. The measured sprays, at agreed intervals, ensures the most cost effective use of the unit.

What if I need an emergency service?

Call our Fresh & Clean nation-wide number on 1300 733 177 which will connect you with your nearest Fresh & Clean office at the cost of a local call. A service will be arranged at your convenience.