Solve Washroom Problems with Fresh & Clean Solutions

Fresh & Clean Has the Solution – Literally

Fresh & Clean Has the Solution – Literally

Intensive Biological Treatment for Washrooms

Intensive Biological Treatment for Washrooms Solve Washroom Problems with Fresh & Clean Solutions Is your washroom plagued by persistent hygiene problems that seem impossible to tackle? From grimy urinals to stubborn odours, it's a challenge you shouldn't have to endure. Resorting to unhygienic waterless systems or toxic, costly chemicals only leads to discomfort for your staff and customers and tarnishes your business's reputation. It's time for a change.

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Professional Deep Clean:

Our expert team eliminates every trace of dirt and grime from your toilet and urinal systems while removing toxic chemicals in the process.

Biological Installation:

We introduce a potent biological cleaning system, including a solution and urinal blocks. These contain bio-friendly soaps and natural 'bugs' that eliminate germs, dirt, and odours. We'll also educate your team on using this solution effectively.

24 Hour Hygiene Benefits:

In just 24 hours, your washrooms will become odor-free and spotless, thanks to our Intensive Biological Treatment.

Regular Servicing:

Our expert team returns quarterly. They not only refill bio solutions and urinal blocks but also perform a thorough, intensive clean. Additionally, they assess your washrooms to ensure they remain hygienic, sparkling, and odor-free – permanently. Rest assured that your customers always enjoy the best washroom experience.


Biological Washroom Cleaner

Think of our biological-based cleaning solution as probiotics for your washrooms. It's the antithesis of toxic chemicals – a permanent, eco-friendly solution. Combined with environmentally-friendly cleaning products, our Intensive Biological Treatment is the long-term, cost-efficient washroom hygiene solution of the future.


What sets us apart from the rest?

Our managed biological cleaning services go beyond cleaning. It's a managed rental service that takes care of your business's worries. From dirty washrooms to cash-flow concerns, you can relax, knowing you're in expert hands.

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