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Fresh & Clean’s feminine hygiene service is designed to provide maximum comfort for your female employees and customers.

Fresh & Clean’s rental program takes the headache away, giving you peace-of-mind. It even takes away the financial burden of capital outlay and depreciation, replacing it with a tax deductible service.

Complete hygienic peace-of-mind

For women

Designed by women for women

What you want and how you want – we’ve got it covered


Kills 99.999% of bacteria

Units are sanitised with an antibacterial liner

Sanitary bin

Contemporary and discreet looking

Can also be wall-mounted for extra convenience

Small size

Sleek design to fit smaller modern cubicles

Low height, easier to reach and ergonomically designed

Minimal contact

Minimal contact with innovative lift-flap system

Less contact minimises possible bacterial transfer

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Innovative Sanitary Bin Design Features

User-Friendly Lift-Flap Mechanism

Our research revealed women preferred a lift lid that requires minimal contact and allows for discreet sanitary disposal. Which is why the Fresh & Clean sanitary bin has been designed to offer women a more user-friendly disposal method. Its smart, lightweight lift lid is both convenient and easier to use.

Lift-Flap Sanitary Bin
Wall-mounted Sanitary Bin
Low Height, Ergonomic & Lighweight Design

Women wanted the units to have a modern, sleek black look which gives the impression of the units being cleaner too. The lower height makes it more comfortable for women to reach. Plus, the compact design means they are no longer ‘too close for comfort’. The units are lightweight, allowing them to be wall-mounted.

Innovative Bio-Degradable Design

Hygiene is womens’ number one concern when using sanitary disposal units. Fresh & Clean’s units have been cleverly designed so that they are 100% sealed. The lid and the bag form one single component which is biodegradable and can be easily disposed of together. Which makes it more hygienic and more appealing than other units.

Sealed and biodegradable

Why are Fresh & Clean’s Feminine Hygiene Units better than the rest?

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 Sanitary Bins

For workplaces such as…

  • Restaurants, cafes, bars
  • Small, medium and large offices
  • Community facilities
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Building sites

Designed By Women For Women

Designed By Women For Women Logo Women told us they wanted units that are not only hygienic, but smell hygienic too. By delivering a unique dual-action to eliminate odours and bad bacteria, our unit offers a fresh new approach to sanitising. Unlike other units, which rely on contact with a germicide, Safeguard® vapours permeate throughout the unit and sanitise every surface. This ensures Fresh & Clean units can effectively sanitise, even when they are full.

What customers have to say…

“Alsco saves me time and money”

Marco Matino, Gigi Pizzeria Trattoria

“In any business, time is money. Thank you for pointing out how Alsco could save me these two valuable things. Using your reliable service has proved to be a step in the right direction.”

“Would recommend to other venues in the hospitality industry with no hesitation.”

Sally Grady, Aerial UTS Function Centre

“Aerial UTS Function Centre has been using Alsco for the past few months and we have been extremely impressed. Customer service is fantastic and personalized and deliveries arrive like clockwork every week.”

Make your washroom a more hygienic environment for your staff and customers.